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Adaptive Business Continuity focuses on the continuous improvement of recovery capabilities.

You will need the right Resources, Procedures, and (crisis) Competencies to recover your services following an uncontrolled loss.

Jeomby guides you through the process of identifying, measuring, and improving recovery capabilities.

There is no such thing as "The Plan" for recovery.

Post-disaster environments are too unpredictable, unique, fluid, and chaotic to document step-by-step instructions that work.

Besides: Knowing what to do (Procedures) is only one-third (Resources and Competencies) of what is needed for business continuity.

The challenge: A planning tool that doesn't create plans!

Jeomby guides you through the continuous improvement of recovery capabilities for your organization.

With Jeomby, you will work in rapid iterations to provide value to executives, stakeholders, and participants.

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